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We take great pride in our craftspeople. The quality of our goods and attention to detail are paramount to our success. Our technicians and manufacturers are experts in the field of leather goods and they can work your designs start to finish.

We ensure that the final product not only meets the designer’s vision, but also the goals set in terms of costs and timelines. Our craftspersons will work alongside you from the beginning to clearly define all technical specifications. From conception to delivery – and by way of inspections, analyses, and tests – you are sure to benefit from our quality, expertise, and precision. Upon product delivery, you receive all the inspection reports and their corresponding protocols.


The leather we use is processed in our tannery. For more than 30 years Heifer Hides-Friendship Tanners has been supplying various types of leather to different countries, mainly to Italy and Germany. Although, in the past, Indian leather was considered poor quality and the tannery process was not as sophisticated as it is now.  A lot has changed in the past few years in the world of leather and 80-90% of the world's leather comes from India.

The quality of Indian leather is on par with English leather and only an expert could detect any differences. Most of the leather products available in the UK are made in India. Amazing products are also manufactured in the UK but it all boils down to cost. By working with us you could be sure of competitive manufacturing costs and ultimately profit margins.

Tanning in our factory allows us to focus on details, crafting higher quality and environmentally friendly leather. By combining traditional tanning with modern leather technology, we are able to create beautiful, functional leather that does not compromise on sustainability and providing you with a choice of price ranges without foregoing the quality.