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AKS - ARP Ltd was set up as the UK operation of Heifer Hides Friendship Tanners of Chennai, India, with the main goal to bring high quality, affordable leather products to the discerning British customer. We strongly believe that quality and affordability should go hand in hand and should not be exclusive. We hand select and rigorously test our range of products to ensure they meet the EU standards.

We offer a select range of luxury leather products that are safe and comfortable, durable and long-lasting in addition to our fully comprehensive bespoke services. As experienced manufacturers in the leather industry, we understand what truly matters to you. We continuously strive to bring you high quality, affordable leather products that you are proud to own.

Our experienced designers and craftspeople, using our many customisation options, create high quality products which adhere to your specifications. We also offer assistant to ensure that your designs are production ready, if your designs need a little help. We give you peace of mind by creating a prototype for your approval before bulk production and ensure rigorous quality check procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

We stand for quality without compromise and competitive pricing. We ensure that we are in full compliance with ethical trading issues such as fair and equal pay, workers rights and child labour. All our colleagues are treated as family and we take pride in every item we make. We also work with small businesses from surrounding villages and towns and provide them a platform to cater to national and international clients through us. We welcome the opportunity to grow together with start ups, small brands, SMEs and emerging designers.