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Looking for Luxury Leather Shoes and Accessories Manufacturer?

We have been in the leather industry for more than 30 years and we proudly support start ups, small brands, SMEs and emerging designers. We offer an encompassing brand solution to luxury leather goods designers and retailers.

We have a standard process which we apply to all orders. Every item we manufacture is tailor made to your requirements. We offer a comprehensive service starting from the moment your order is placed and delivering your luxury leather goods once production is complete. We will be with you guiding you through the process as required.

Our Process 

Pre-production and Samples

The first step begins with your idea. We can work from your technical drawings and specifications whether you are improving on your other ideas or making changes to your existing lines or a new product. Our experienced craftspeople will be on hand if you require any assistance in making your designs production ready. We will then choose the best materials for your collection and produce a pre-production sample/prototype for your approval. This is a very useful step as you will be able to test your item and take an opportunity to improve or make changes to your designs. After you approve the sample, we will move on to the production stage.


We proceed to the manufacturing stage once your sample has been approved. We now create the complete collection identical to the sample. Throughout the manufacturing stages, all items are confirmed to be  as per your sample, ensuring your final delivery is exactly as expected.

Luxury leather goods manufacturing process at AKS-ARP

Quality Control

We implement vigorous checks at every stage of manufacturing to ensure that your products arrive in excellent condition. Since we process the leather required to make your products in our tannery, it gives us more control over the process and we are able to check and eliminate any defects from the start. During and after manufacturing, each item is checked. Although, we use latest technology in our production process, all items are handcrafted. Our quality checkers run a final check when the items are completed and individually packed and they approve the items for delivery.


Once our Quality Checkers approve your items for delivery, we deliver your products through our network of global couriers. We ensure that you recieve your items from our factory to your home or office in the UK or overseas with minimal or no hassle. We are able to deliver your items within your required time frame and budget.

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